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Hi, welcome!

to Woodstock Garden Shop

Let us grow your plants for you.

Using the highest quality seeds available we grow seedlings in plantable peat pots in our greenhouse for you to pick up and plant after the first frost. Get your garden started right!

vegetable seedlings in peat pots

We help gardeners in Woodstock save money & grow better gardens

How It Works

We Choose the seeds

Currently we are buying seeds and offering seedlings for sale based on only what I'm growing for my family.  In the future, I may add other vegetables if there is enough interest from others.

We build out the Shop

Once we have decided what vegetables we are going to grow for the coming season, take all the information about those seeds, and add them as products to the store.  Plants for Spring!

You choose Your plants & quantity

In our ecommerce store, you load up your cart with the type and quantity of seedlings/plants you want to grow in your garden.  They will all come in peat pots so they can be planted directly.

You pay for Your order in advance

Once you have everything you want, you process your order.  You pay by credit card (fully) at time of purchase.  At the huge discounts we are giving, we can't afford to take payment on pickup.

we grow your plants for pickup

Based on the growing calendar for our area, we will start your seedlings at the right time. They will be ready for planting directly in your garden at the date recommended by the supplier.

you plant the pots in prepped garden

We deliver all seedlings in plantable peat pots.  All you have to do is add the pot in your garden being careful to keep the plant at the same level it is when you receive it. Tomatoes vary.

Ready to get YOUR garden started?


what do you sell in the garden shop?

At this time we are selling seedlings for various vegetables that are grown indoors in peat pots.  They are plantable directly into your prepped garden, without removing them from the pots.  We may offer just seeds, additional vegetables, and even some garden accessories in the future.

why do you take the full amount up front?

It might be a bit of a pain for you, but for us, we wouldn't be able to provide the service and the quality of plants without charging before we deliver.  We are buying all the seeds and supplies, spending months taking care of the seedlings, and doing all of that for roughly HALF the price you can buy these plants anywhere else.  You will get GREAT plants, save lots of money on your garden, and won't have any of the hassle of starting your own seedlings.

What is your guarantee & refund policy?

We guarantee that we will grow your seedlings with the same care and attention to detail that we do our own starter plants.  If we don't have a plant available for you because a seedling didn't do will or didn't germinate or because we ran short - we will replace your missing plant from our personal supply.

In terms of refunds, we don't have enough volume or margin on the sale price of our seedlings to offer refunds.  We use our absolute best efforts to satisfy every single customer.  You don't have to buy from us, you can always buy your plants for more at the big box home store.

When do I get my plants?

When you place your order, each one of the vegetables has an approximate delivery date.  When that date is approaching, you should check with us to see if your plants are ready.

We also have your contact information saved in your account and will reach out when your order is ready to pick up.  At time of pickup, please bring your own bags or boxes into which you can place your planted pots.

Want to see what plants YOU can get?

Here's What Your Neighbors Have to say about us

So I was in such a big hurry to get the store open that I didn't have time to wait for the neighbors I asked to write something funny for me to get that done.  Now I'm forced to right my own testimonials so I can open the store.  I'll promise you'll love the plants you get.

carl chapman
Head Gardener

Just so you know, Carl is the best picker-outer of seeds and plants to grow, and the best raised bed builder, and the best mover & hauler of dirt for the garden out of all husbands I have.  But if you want to know the truth, I'm the one who cooks all the veggies we eat!

JULie chapmAn
Piano Teacher

There are other ways to get plants for your garden, but not many of them will be as close to your garden.  Also, not many of them will be as inexpensive and hassle free as getting them from Carl's store. You can trust him to deliver the the best plants that are 'grown for you.'

cE chapman
Random Dude

Ready to get YOUR garden started?


Get your garden started now!

Your garden assistant

Carl Chapman

The founder of Woodstock Garden Shop is that crazy guy that walks your neighborhood streets Monday through Friday saying "Good Morning" to everyone he's met (so far.)  If you've driven by his house during 'growing season' you've likely seen towering tomato plants, huge spreads of summer squashes, along with assortments of all kinds of other vegetables.

Fed up with high prices at the Big Box Home stores, he decided to start planting seedlings to save money.  With thoughts of being a good neighbor, he decided to offer a service of growing seedlings for others that wanted the same kind of veggies as he did.  Selling cheap, but certainly for profit, he has visions of becoming a HUNDREDAIRE by the end of garden season.

Please help make his dreams come true by buying some seedlings to start you garden out right.  Your family will thank you for it at dinner time.

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