Welcome, the Woodstock Garden Shop is Open!




Woodstock Garden Shop logoHowdy neighbors!  I’m excited to announce that the online garden store is ready for operation!  Hope that it will be around for a very long time and it will be helpful for all the vegetable loving gardeners in River Oaks.

Julie and I have lived here for what is coming up on 4 years.  However, since we moved after most of the growing season our first year was over, we didn’t start doing any gardening.

Once we started getting close to the start of the first growing season we would experience here, I built my first SIP raised bed. For the next three growing seasons ISIP Planter purchased a whole bunch of starter plants from Home Depot. After spending a ton of money I thought to myself that I’d be much better off growing my own starter plants from seed.

When I started looking for all the plants I wanted to grow, I realized I was going to get a whole lot more seeds than I needed.  So being of at least average intelligence, I thought maybe some of my neighbors might be interested in buying some of the surplus seeds.  That would help reduce the overall cost of my starter plants.

Then I thought to myself – what if instead of just selling seeds, I sold starter plants? That would allow me to make a bit more money and help cover more of my costs.  But if I sold them at a significant discount over the home store, it would also help my neighbors save money – a Win – Win! So that’s what I decided to do.


ecommerce storeBeing that trying to keep up with business type things like orders, customers, taking payment, etc. is all done much better with an online ecommerce store than it is with a shoebox (plus it looks a lot more professional) I went ahead and built an online store.  It’s ready for business.  So browse through the store, order some plants (or not, it’s no biggie), and enjoy the site.

If you have suggestions, feel free to leave comments on the site or hit me up by email.  I look forward to growing plants for the garden lovers in the ‘hood.

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